Imagine Adventure Club

Fall 2022

Dates and Times Coming Soon

To express interest or for more information email contact us at or 303-221-7827.

Please be aware of our COVID-19 Guidelines and Policies.

STAR Institute social groups and clubs aim to help your child thrive as their favorite selves. The focus of groups is to facilitate development of social confidence, help children enjoy friendships and community, and find shared interests.

STAR Institute social flourishing groups focus on enabling the child to successfully navigate the world and advocate for themselves on their own terms while honoring their nature, natural communication style, and sensory needs.

Imagine Adventure club uses tabletop games to build community, teamwork, self-confidence, and flexibility in a setting that is motivating, exciting, and enjoyable. Children will play board games and interactive games with peers in a fun and safe space where they can be themselves, learn to express themselves, and learn to make friends. For ages 7-12 years old.