Autism Specific Services


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Autism specific services at STAR offer a safe and respectful space to explore differences in sensory integration and processing and figure out how these are impacting quality of life. Most families are supported by a team of professionals from different disciplines. We offer strengths-based and empowering services for individuals on the autism spectrum.

Supports include:

  • Therapy that taps into brain and nervous system neuroplasticity in order to improve sensory integration 
  • Education to increase self-understanding and provide tools for self-advocacy 
  • Supports for relational health

At STAR Institute we understand that how the brain and body process sensation is central to the autistic experience. Here is what you can expect from your therapeutic program at STAR Institute: 

Occupational Therapy Services

  • A formal evaluation of sensory processing that will be chosen to best fit the individual taking into account communication, age and other capacities 
    This will include filling out questionnaires as well as completing activities that are specifically designed to explore different sensory systems, the way they interact and help or hinder the production of movement 
  • Therapy or intervention is client led and must be meaningful and age/developmentally appropriate 
    Therapeutic play is focused on the client's interests and prioritizes self-actualization, function, and participation
  • Parent coaching & education because caregivers are the most important part of the child's team
  • Adult & Adolescent specific services
  • iLs listening therapy (Total Focus Systems)
  • Safe and Sound Protocol - an auditory intervention designed to reduce stress and auditory sensitivity

Speech and Language Services

  • Evaluation of speech and language development & auditory processing screening
  • Treatment for articulation, expressive & social language challenges, apraxia of speech & more
  • Focus on building social confidence
  • Pragmatic language goals
  • Voice Pro auditory processing therapy via a voice-ear feedback loop (iLs).

Group Services

  • Groups for all ages based around shared interests & focused on helping people enjoy people, building social confidence & developing sense-of-self
  • Bike camps, trampoline group, interactive board game based and role-playing games groups, cooking group, School Readiness, CREW, and more

Feeding Services

  • Developmental- holistic- and respectful feeding evaluations through the lifespan
  • Support for lactation & early feeding
  • Feeding treatment for all ages and for the whole family

Mental Health Services

  • DIR/Floortime-based Play Therapy & Play Coaching
  • Psychotherapy
  • Family Counseling
  • Autism support, advocacy support and acceptance and appreciation 

Psychology Specific Services

  • Executive Function strategies, family work, and education
  • Diagnostic child & adolescent neurodiversity affirming Autism evaluations, including second opinion and re-diagnosis
  • Adult specific neurodiversity affirming Autism evaluations

All staff at STAR Institute are highly trained in Sensory Integration therapy, DIR/Floortime, and SCERTS.

Our Executive Director Virginia Spielmann gave this presentation for the Autism Research Institute in November 2019.