Critical Core Teen Group

July 29-August 2, 2024
Daily | 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm 

Ages: 12-15 year olds
Cost: $850* / Deposit Required
Duration: 1 week (5 sessions per week)

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To be placed on our waiting list or for additional information please contact us at 303-221-7827 /

*Funding assistance available through Developmental Pathways and Rocky Mountain Human Services*

Critical Core Images with three characters and three scene settingsBuilding confidence and engagement one dragon at a time!

Critical Core is a social development program that utilizes a role-playing game (similar to Dungeons and Dragons) to motivate participants to actively engage in social situations and to develop meaningful connections with others. This is a collaborative game in which players and the facilitator work together to create a story. It is a safe and supportive environment in which players are able to practice communicating, problem-solving, and regulation as their characters progress through a series of challenges that will ultimately lead to them becoming heroes.

The overall goal of Critical Core is generalizable learning from fully engaged play while respecting individuals and building relationships.

We encourage growth in the following areas:

  • Increase regulation
  • Increase collaboration
  • Increase motor and cognitive planning
  • Improve perspective taking
  • Increase access to pretend play development for related skill-building

For more information about the Critical Core project please visit

Enrollment Process:

  1. Fill out our Group Inquiry Form.
  2. A $200 deposit (refundable up to 2 weeks before the program begins, deducted from the total cost) will be required to hold your child's spot. Your confirmation of being in the group will be provided after the next step - the intake.
  3. Upon receiving your form and deposit, you will be scheduled for a 30-minute intake interview (phone or video conferencing) with our group therapist.
    • Current or recent STAR families (received STAR services in the past 12 months) may not require the intake appointment.
  4. Your spot will be confirmed for the program only AFTER completion of the intake.

For additional information and questions please contact us at or call us at 303-221-7827.

Scholarship Opportunity:

If you are a resident of Douglas County, you may qualify for a scholarship for this group. Please indicate your interest by selecting "Yes" on the group enrollment form. A member of our team will then reach out to you to discuss eligibility and funding details.