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A fun and upbeat movement-based group class on mini trampolines!

Our Rebounders program works to promote coordination, endurance, social skills, confidence, and safety in children ages 4-10 with and without sensory challenges. This program is run by experienced Occupational Therapists and supports development of social engagement and shared problem solving. At Rebounders, the group work parallels what happens on the playground in a safe environment designed to meet every child where they are at and to ensure success. Our strengths based approach supports regulation and is designed to improve sensory processing and integration skills.

The Research:
The classes are following two research projects examining the effectiveness of the class. In the first pilot study conducting in Fall/Winter 2016, the findings suggested that group trampoline classes may be effective in improving motor difficulties of children with and without SPD. All children improved on the M-FUN gross motor subtest from pre-testing to post-posting. Also, trends showed that the majority of the children also improved in M-FUN fine motor and visual-motor from pre-test to post-test. There were noticeable changes in the children who attended the class that were not formally assessed as well, including improved self-confidence/self-esteem, increased interactions and socializations among the participants during class, and increased play ideas/themes created by the participants.


What Parents Are Saying!

I think her posture has improved the most out of all the changes I have seen, and it’s amazing how much that alone seems to have improved her regulation. This group has been magic for [my daughter]. She developed a sense of belonging with other kids that I don’t believe she’s ever experienced before. It has boosted her confidence and independence so much more than I could have dreamed of. I’m so grateful that she had the opportunity to participate!”
-Mom of a 4 year old daughter without a diagnosis

“[My daughter’s] performance at school has been the steadiest it has been in a very long time.”
- Mother of 10-year-old daughter with autism

“It was really fun for me to watch because it was the first time my kids had done something together. The age difference and the developmental difference had never allowed for it. Everybody has their own trampoline and has their own game plan so [my son] could be successful for a very long time. He doesn’t have too many other games he can do that with. [My daughter] is shy and slow to warm, but she is quick to open up with how the class is structured.”
- Mother of 10-year-old son with autism and 5-year-old daughter without diagnosis