STAR Proficiency Level I

October 18 - December 13*
Fridays | 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM MT

*No sessions held on November 29

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The STAR Proficiency Level I course is the second step in earning the STAR ProCert 1 Credential, which is conferred automatically after completion of this online course.


This online course will apply concepts of the principles of disordered Sensory Processing into daily practice, analyze the historical and contemporary principles related to disordered Sensory Processing, and apply a clinical reasoning model for the evaluation of disordered Sensory Processing. In addition, students will use components of the STAR Treatment Model in practice, and evaluate fidelity to the approach.

Each course is limited to 20 participants
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Program Cost:

The tuition for this program is $1,000.

Learning Objectives:

  • Apply the STAR Fidelity Measure to treatment
  • Analyze and synthesize information from evaluation tools to direct intervention process for disordered Sensory Processing
  • Implement a clinical reasoning process to develop an intervention plan based on principles from the STAR approach
  • Identify functional outcomes associated with evaluation results and intervention goals for disordered Sensory Processing
  • Identify new strategies that encourage meaningful engagement for families within the intervention process

Who Should Attend:

This course is only open to Occupational Therapists, Occupational Therapy Assistants, Physical Therapists, and Speech Language Pathologists who have successfully completed the Level 1 Mentorship Program or School-based Intensive program. 

Course Components (30 Continuing Education hours):

  • Online Chat Room Discussions (12 hours total): 
    These are the classes in and of themselves. When participants log in to the class during the designated class time, these 8 weekly classes equal the 12 total hours for this requirement. Active participation is required to obtain credit for these hours.
  • Learning Assignments (18 hours total):
    Weekly pre-reading and 45-minute screencast for each session with accompanying learning activity
    Participants will post on a discussion board for each module/week. A question, discussion topic, or learning experience is posted after each online class. Each participant should post a 2-3 paragraph response to each board.
    • Professional Goal Development
      • Develop goals that identify how you would like to develop in clinical practice, research, or academia based on your learning experiences in the STAR Institute. This part of the assignment is completed at the beginning of the course. At the end of the course, you will be asked to reflect on your goals in a one-page paper.
    • Treatment Video Review
      • Review 1 treatment video and write down everything observed
      • Create 2-3 hypotheses (system and subtype) with 2-3 supporting observations each and what other activities/play/tasks would you want to see to help refine hypotheses.
    • Assessment
      • Outline what data points would you need for assessing sensory processing challenges, what assessment tools are you currently using, and how could you use your current assessment tools/time to gather more sensory data.
    • Evaluation Experience
      • Write an evaluation using the STAR format. Come up with 2-3 impact statements, follow-up questions, and an addendum. 
        • Create a short, 3-slide PowerPoint: Parent Concerns slide, Addendum info relevant to impact statement slide and 1 impact statement that ties parent concern/addendum evidence together.
    • Goal Attainment Scale (GAS)
      • Write 2-3 goals based on your evaluation report using the STAR Process Frame of Reference using the Goal Attainment Scale format.
      • Choose 1 functional goal from your GAS, break it down into 3-5 foundational components, and identify the sensory foundations of each of those components. List 3-4 activities/games that would address sensory foundations, of those midlevel skills - how they do this (your reasoning).
    • Treatment Note
      • Write a STAR-style treatment note on a client, identifying process points under PROCESS letters
    • A SECRET
      • Develop an A SECRET matrix for your client.
    • Reflection
      • Reflect on your initial goals in a one-page paper.


  • STAR Institute faculty members receive a speaking fee for teaching this course
  • There are no other relevant financial or nonfinancial relationships to disclose