School-based Intensive: STAR for School Online Content

Online Content Portion Only: $250
13 hours/1.3 AOTA CEUs)

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Our foundational School-based information is now available online through STAR's Online Learning platform. Participants may then also opt to attend a 2-day In-Person or Live-streamed Course within 1 year to receive a Certificate of Completion and full AOTA CEUs.

Online Course Content (13 hours/1.3 AOTA CEUs):

13 hours of pre-recorded course content will be made available online through STAR Institute's Online Learning platform and is a required prerequisite for attending either the livev-streamed portion of the program. This includes:

  • Introduction: Background information on sensory processing from Dr. Lucy Jane Miller
  • Frame of Reference: Even when the primary focus of intervention is sensory, the STAR Frame of Reference advocates for a continuous assessment of regulation, and relationships, in the context of mutable environments, social-emotional development, and attention.
  • PROCESS for schools: Introduction to the STAR Treatment Model: The integration of basic principles of sensory integration intervention based on Ayres' original theory and advanced treatment using our clinical reasoning methodology.
  • Research: An overview of SPD research from STAR Institute and the SPD Scientific Work Group as well as applicable research to school setting.
  • Subtypes of SPD: A complete introduction and overview of each of the Subtypes of SPD
    • Sensory Modulation Disorder
    • Sensory Discrimination Disorder
    • Praxis
    • Posture
  • Regulation: Foundational to development, regulation will be defined and explored.
  • Relationship: What therapist will do to facilitate, cultivate, strengthen strong, healthy therapist/child, child/teacher, therapist/teacher relationships to support desired outcomes.

Online Content Portion ONLY ($250)

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Continuing Education:





Participants seeking to receive a Certificate of Completion and credential certificate documenting completion of this specialized training in SPD must attend a 2-Day In Person or Live-streamed course within 1 year of online content completion.


Register for both the Online and In-Person/Live-stream Full Program Bundle for the best value!

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