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May Webinar

Researchers in the field of child development recognize that relationships and connectedness are biological imperatives. That is, infants and young children require connectedness through relationship to survive, grow and develop (Porges, 2015). The practical and biological functions of connectedness or “being with another” foster structural and functional changes in neurological development during early childhood and beyond (Brett, Humphreys, Fleming, Kraemer & Drury). Psychobiological Attachment Theory (Kraemer, 1992), when placed into a frame of reference (Barnekow & Kramer, 2005), provides a lens for providers to enhance their clinical reasoning in the areas of connectedness and attachment throughout early childhood. During this webinar, participants will learn the key tenets associated with PAT and integrate these concepts into a clinical reasoning plan for caregivers of children with disordered sensory processing.

Learning Objectives:

  • identify the core tenets of Psychobiological Attachment Theory (PAT)
  • list the core tenets of PAT that can be implemented into the occupational therapy clinical reasoning process
  • explain the importance of evaluating and treating caregiver-child dyads in pediatric practice
  • describe how the concepts learned apply to a pediatric occupational therapy case scenario

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About the Presenter:
Dr. Pizur-Barnekow serves as an associate professor in the Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. As a doctoral student, she studied under the mentorship of Dr. Gary Kraemer, author of Psychobiological Attachment Theory. The findings from her dissertation revealed that infants experience changes heart rate variability when presented with sensory stimuli that is visually and auditorily synchronous or asynchronous. In addition, the research findings identified an association between infant temperament style and maternal self-confidence and that mothers adjust their play style to support reciprocal play. These findings provided a foundation for the collaborative development of the model of co-occupation that she and Dr. Pickens disseminated in 2009, and to her subsequent interest in early childhood mental health. Since then, Dr. Pizur-Barnekow has authored or co-authored 32 papers, 9 book chapters and 70 presentations related to early childhood. In addition, she is endorsed by the Wisconsin Alliance for Infant Mental Health as an Infant and Family Specialist, serves as the CDC’s Act Early Ambassador to Wisconsin and is the founder of Families First, LLC.

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