Resources for Parents and Professionals

Free Resources

Library of Research

Our library of research presents publications related to SPD that are authored by the STAR Institute research team, members of the Scientific Work Group, and/or other contributors to the field. Search results can be filtered by topic(s) and/or year(s).

Home Activities

Many aspects of home and family life may be affected when living with a child with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). As a parent of a child with SPD, you know how hectic and chaotic it can be at home. Any activity suggestions must fit easily into typical home routines or they will not be utilized.

Downloadable Flyers

These flyers are provided for you to download, print, forward, post, hand out, and otherwise use to spread the word about SPD, STAR Institute, and STAR Institute programs.

Corporate Partners

STAR Institute’s Corporate Partners are vital to building the programs we offer. Our Partners present products that support those living with SPD and other neurological disorders. We use many of these items in our therapies and we are grateful to each Partner for their unique contributions.

Books and Products

A list of SPD related books and products.

Educator Resources

STAR Institute is currently developing resources for educators. Our first resource is for Preschool Educators!


Frequently asked questions for parents, teachers, clinicians, and healthcare providers.

Sensory Friendly Events in Denver

Denver's sensory friendly event calendar!

SPD in Adults

A helpful listing of resources for adults with SPD.

Going to the Dentist

An informative article on sensory defensiveness. This article was written for dentists; parents might find it helpful to print out a copy for their dentists, as well as read it themselves.

Resources for Members

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Finding Treatment Services

How SPD is Treated

Children are most commonly treated for SPD with occupational therapy (OT) that may be supplemented with listening therapy (LT) or other complementary therapies. Sometimes other professionals such as physical therapists, speech/language therapists, teachers, and/or others who have advanced training in using a sensory integration approach may be involved in treatment.

Treatment Directory

The STAR Institute Treatment Directory is a one-of-a-kind online guide to services created to help individuals and families find health care, education, and community service providers experienced in working with those who have SPD and other special needs.

Choosing an Occupational Therapist

Finding and selecting an occupational therapist to help your child, yourself, and/or your family is an important decision. Like all professionals, OTs differ in training, philosophy, and personality. The best choice is an OT who is a good "fit" for your child and yourself – someone you and/or your child likes and with whom you feel connected.