Resources, Tips & Downloadable Flyers

Downloadable Flyers

The following flyers are provided for you to download, print, forward, post, hand out, and otherwise use to spread the word about disordered sensory processing (SPD), STAR Institute, and STAR programs.

Educator Resource

STAR Institute is currently developing resources for educators.

Our first resource is for Preschool Educators!  

Preschool Educators – Download your Sensory Processing Resource Packet here!

The Preschool Resource Packet is FREE and includes:Photo of three STAR resource papers

  • Descriptions of sensory sensitivity subtypes
  • Red flag checklist
  • Tips for sensory friendly learning environments


Building a Sensory-Informed Classroom - Download these "How To" tips and best practices for your classroom and to make a difference with your students.

Parent Resources

Understanding the IEP Process

Click here to download this presentation by Gina Monheit to learn:

  • How kids are flagged for an IEP evaluation
  • What the IEP process looks like
  • What supports IEPs provide students
  • What is required for students to qualify for an IEP
  • Concepts of Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) and Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE)
  • Differences between an IEP and 504

* This presentation is current as of August 2018. Laws and regulations surrounding education and children with disabilities may change.


Qualifying For Social Security Disability With SPD

Deanna Power, Director of Outreach
Disability Benefits Help

Deanna Power is the Director of Outreach at Disability Benefits Help. She specializes in helping claimants determine if they are medically eligible for Social Security disability benefits. If you have any questions on this article or on Social Security disability benefits in general, she can be reached at


Home Activities

Click here to view this article by Occupational Therapist Heather Miller-Kuhaneck to learn:

  • Principles behind incorporating home activities
  • Guidelines for integrating sensory input into daily activities
  • Other general guidelines for keeping your home running smoothly


Going to the Dentist

Click here for an article by Occupational Therapist Heather Miller-Kuhaneck for parents and dentists about:

  • What sensory defensiveness is
  • How sensory defensiveness can present in a dentist's office
  • Intervention strategies for sensory defensiveness at the dentist