2024 Summer Youth Programs and Camps

At STAR we offer a variety of youth programs, ongoing groups, and summer camps that support your child and family with daily activities that focus on the skills they need to succeed. Our programs involve movement, language development, sensory and social skills for ages 3-18. Learn more about our summer programming below. 

Have questions? Contact us today at groups@sensoryhealth.org.

Funding is available for eligible families through Developmental Pathways and Rocky Mountain Human Services. Email us at groups@sensoryhealth.org for more information.

School Readiness Booster Program - Ages 3-6 -  This program is designed to enhance your child's skills and build on their strengths to prepare them for school and throughout the year. Our goal is to provide a supportive, therapeutic classroom that allows your child to build confidence, self-esteem, self-awareness, and maintain the regulation they need in the school setting.  LEARN MORE | ENROLL NOW

  • June 10 – August 9 | 9:00am - 11:45am
    • No sessions: July 1st -5th 
  • Registration:
    • $1350 for 2 weeks (10 sessions); 2 weeks minimum for participation 
    • $750 for each additional week (5 sessions) 
    • $5200 for all summer (40 sessions) when pre-paid 
      • $200 deposit required to hold your spot

Superhero in Training - Ages 4-9 years old - This immersive camp focuses on naturally building self-esteem and social confidence through play-based themes and “in the moment” lessons. LEARN MORE | ENROLL NOW

  • Group 1 for ages 4-6: June 17-June 28 | 3:15pm - 4:45pm 
  • Group 2 for ages 7-9: July 15-July 26 | 3:15pm - 4:45pm
  • $1060 | 2 weeks (10 sessions)
    • $100 deposit required to hold your spot

Bike Riding Camp - All Ages - In this 5-day camp we focus on building your child’s confidence on a bike in a fun and low-pressure environment. We use the Strider® learning method and combine it with enjoyable therapist-led activities. LEARN MORE | ENROLL NOW

  • June 3-June 7 | 10:00am -10:45am
  • $200 | 1 week (5 sessions) 
    • Payment due in full, non-refundable to secure spot

Critical Core - Ages 15-19 (developmental level grade 7 and up) - combines modern developmental therapies with the mechanics of tabletop role-playing games to help kids connect with their parents, their friends, and the world around them. LEARN MORE | ENROLL NOW

  • June 24-June 28 | 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm 
  • $850 | 1 week (5 sessions)
    • $100 deposit required to hold your spot