Sensory Processing 101 Short Course

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Cost: $35 USD (50 AUD) 
This includes all course readings and resources.

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It is well accepted that disordered sensory processing has profound impacts on development, mental health, and daily function. But the story goes deeper than that. With eight known sensory systems and 13 different subtypes that impact each - the permutations are mind-boggling. This short (1 ½ hour), introductory level course will describe each system, each subtype, and how these presentations are expressed in children and adults. It will also discuss the role and implication of disordered sensory processing as a co-occurring condition with other common developmental and mental health diagnoses (eg Autism, ADHD, anxiety, etc.). The bi-directional nature of sensory processing, regulation, and relationship will also be discussed as a context for intervention approaches.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Identify the main functions of each of the 8 discussed sensory systems
  • Define the different subtypes of the SPD Nosology
  • Identify the functional impacts of the SPD subtypes on individuals

Who should attend
Occupational therapists, occupational therapy assistants, speech language pathologists, physical therapists, special education teachers, and other individuals seeking a better understanding of Sensory Processing Disorder. 

Program Faculty


  • STAR Institute faculty members receive a speaking fee for teaching this course
  • There are no other relevant financial or nonfinancial relationships to disclose

Cancellation Policy

All registrations must be finalized or cancelled for a full refund by July 29, 2022. Registrations cancelled after July 29, 2022 will be deferred to a future STAR Institute Foundations Course. In the event this program must be cancelled due to illness, fire, strikes, war, acts of God, terrorism or other causes that would prevent the event from taking place, STAR Institute will attempt to reschedule the event. If the event is unable to be rescheduled, STAR Institute will refund all tuition fees paid.