Babies, Bottles & Caregivers


Join STAR’s bottle-feeding group, where you’ll get coaching, hands-on assistance, and support on how to make every feeding a positive experience for you and your growing baby. You’ll also get the chance to connect with other caregivers and ask questions from our infant feeding specialist. Topics covered include techniques and strategies to improve a baby’s acceptance, skill, efficiency, and endurance to bottle feeding.

This support group is designed for caregivers with babies who are struggling to bottle feed. Here are some initial questions to consider if this group is right for you:

  • Does your baby refuse a bottle?
  • Does bottle feeding feel hard, effortful, or stressful?
  • Does your baby take a limited volume from the bottle?
  • Does your baby primarily take a bottle while asleep (dream feeding)?
  • Does bottle feeding take a long time?

Facilitated by: Joelle Fang, MS, CCC-SLP, infant feeding specialist. Referrals, as needed, will also be provided.

Infant Red Flags for Feeding Difficulties

  • Does not latch well and/or consistently to the breast or bottle
  • Coughs or chokes with breast or bottle feedings
  • Frequent and large spit ups, or projectile vomiting
  • Refuses the bottle
  • Takes more than 30 minutes to feed
  • Falls asleep during the beginning part of the feeding
  • Spits up out of the nose regularly
  • Arches, cries, and/or hard to hold during or after feedings
  • History of eating and breathing coordination problems, with ongoing respiratory issues
  • More than one caregiver reports difficulty feeding child