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Rachel Balderrama
Feeding Program Coordinator
Rachel Balderrama, M.Ed.

Rachel graduated with her Bachelor of Arts from the State University of West Georgia and received her Masters in Education in School Counseling from Georgia State University. Following three years of work as a high school counselor, Rachel served for two years in Burkina Faso as a Peace Corps volunteer, working in the sector of Girls’ Education and Empowerment. Prior to coming to STAR Institute, Rachel worked in community mental health with families of children and teenagers who were in the foster care, adoptive, juvenile or truancy court systems. This multi-faceted work included assessment and therapy, as well as mentoring and training other staff. Rachel has completed the STAR Institute Intensive Mentorship Program Level 1, Research Mentorship, and the Temple Level 1 Certification course. She is trained in DIR/Floortime, and is also a certified therapist in the SOS Approach to Feeding framework. Rachel is the Feeding Program Coordinator and provides feeding therapy.