2024 Annual Sensory Symposium | See You In Colorado

October 17, 2024
October 19, 2024
Daily | 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM MT

Join us in Golden, Colorado for our annual event as we explore the intricate processes of praxis and its impact on occupational engagement and well-being. Inspired by the celestial anchor Rigel, a navigational star visible in all the world's oceans, we will delve into the development of coordination, motor planning, and execution skills. Through a sensory perspective on praxis, we will look at how praxis relates to developing sense of self, understanding space and time, relationship, regulation, school success, and even praxis as an occupational justice issue.

At this symposium, expect engaging discussions and the opportunity to connect with experts and peers. Together, we will critically evaluate emerging research, trends, and best practices in supporting development of praxis abilities. By fostering a culture of continuous learning and development, we can address the complex needs of individuals with motor apraxia and dyspraxia.

Prepare for enlightening conversations that expand your understanding of supporting action and movement in space and time, while exploring the sensory and motor dimensions of praxis. Let's embark on a journey to nurture essential skills and envision a future where individual differences in praxis are supported from a base of evidence, expertise, and personalized respectful healthcare that empowers the individual. Join us to connect, collaborate, and thrive.

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