VS: Sensory Health and Autism

June 12-14, 2024
Daily | 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM MT

Immerse yourself in a journey of inspiration and enlightenment as we reveal our 5th Annual Virtual Summit: Sensory Health and Autism.  

Building upon the success of our past events, this year's summit promises an even more transformative experience as we explore the complex intricacies of sensory health and its profound influence on the autistic journey. 

As we step into our fifth year, we delve into the intricate terrain of sensory integration/processing, placing a specific emphasis on often overlooked facets like self-care and self-actualization. Say farewell to oversimplifications, as we navigate the multifaceted dimensions of sensory health in the realms of development, neurodivergent experience, and self-discovery. 

Join us for a collaborative exchange of ideas, where neurodistinct professionals and advocates take center stage, articulating their unique perspectives. The mic will be passed around as we engage in thought-provoking discussions on the role of sensory health in development, the neurodivergent lifestyle, and best practices for therapeutic support. 


What We'll Be Discussing - Confirmed to Date

Day 1 | Wednesday | June 12

Rethinking Movement: Exploring Sensory and Motor Integration | Iris Warchall

Sensory Processing, Autism and Identity | Rachael Thompson

Sensory Integration & AAC: Fostering Autonomy in Communication (Part 1) | Caroline Gaddy

Day 2 | Thursday | June 13

Indigenous Perspectives of Neurodiversity | Interview with Sandra Yellowhorse

Reconnecting with Bodily Self Via Interoception Our 8th Sense | DrKelly Mahler

Developing Emotional Intelligence and Co-regulation in the School Settings Using Strengths of Autistic Students | Kavitha Murthi and Nana Serwaa Akrofi

The Basics of Misophonia | Dr. Jennifer Jo Brout

Day 3 | Friday | June 14

Cultivating Supportive Lifestyles for Late-identified Autistic People | Kieran Rose

Sensory Integration & AAC: Fostering Autonomy in Communication (Part 2) | Alexa Herrera

Exploring Sexual Satisfaction in Autistic Individuals and its Relation to Interoception and Alexithymia | Claudia Andrea Reveco Zamora

Sensory Awareness and Self-Advocacy: Empowering Autistic Individuals Towards Self-Actualization | Dr. Megan Anna Neff