Beyond Boundaries | 2023 Annual Appeal

Dear Friend of STAR,

As we approach the end of another remarkable year at STAR Institute, we find ourselves reflecting on the incredible strides we've made and the impact on individuals and communities worldwide. Your impact echoes in the stories of individuals whose lives have been transformed—stories of individuals once struggling to eat nourishing meals, make friends, or succeed in school and work, who are now advocating for their unique needs and thriving in daily living. 

You have played a vital role in this success, and we are excited to share some of the highlights from this year's achievements. 

Advancement in the Sensory Integration & Processing Field:  

For the first time, STAR Institute united leaders in the sensory integration field, fostering collaboration transcending individual efforts. Together, we made a resounding impact on the importance of sensory health in daily living. 

Sensory-Informed Parenting Program: 

STAR successfully piloted a sensory-informed parenting program for teen parents, empowering them with tools to support their own sensory health and co-regulation techniques with their children. This program is making a lasting impact on families and communities by providing practical strategies to support child development.  

Research Funding for Non-Speaking Autistic Children: 

We secured additional funding to expand our research on arousal and regulation in non-speaking autistic children, deepening our understanding and paving the way for more effective interventions and support. 

Medicaid Approval and Client Outreach: 

In 2023, we made strides to provide transformational therapeutic care to all STAR families. Since September, 7% of STAR families have accessed care through Medicaid, extending our reach and providing crucial services to those who need it most. 

Educational Offerings Worldwide: 

With your support, we hosted over 40 educational offerings, reaching over 2800 providers, educators, and community leaders in all 50 states and 51 countries. This global outreach is transforming communities by understanding simple, accessible ways to enhance the lives of every individual. 

Community Partnership Growth: 

Our commitment to community collaboration resulted in a 300% increase in outreach and awareness with local partners. Together, we are building a network dedicated to promoting sensory health and well-being.  


Yet, our work is far from complete. There is an urgent need for continued action, and we are reaching out to you with a heartfelt plea to support us in our mission. STAR is unwaveringly committed to addressing sensory health through our pillars of therapy, education, research, and advocacy. Your support today will enable us to achieve the following transformative initiatives in 2024: 

Holistic Parent Education: 

Develop a comprehensive parent education curriculum to provide accessible information to families. The goal is to enhance the overall quality of life for families while sharing valuable insights with clinics globally to improve sensory-informed care. 

Transform How Neurodivergent Individuals are Supported: 

Update and expand our education to be more neurodiversity-affirming, culturally inclusive, and socially expansive, resonating with the diverse needs of individuals and communities. 

Inclusive Educator Training: 

Educate teachers and support staff in 12 schools to create sensory-friendly classrooms, benefiting all students and fostering inclusive school communities prioritizing sensory well-being. This not only supports neurodivergent students, but all students will increase their learning with individualized supports.  

Increased Access to Services: 

Increase access to services by expanding our caseload, with 25% dedicated to serving Medicaid clients or on a sliding scale, ensuring our programs are available to families who may otherwise experience obstacles to quality healthcare services. STAR’s approach to therapy support will continue to be sensory-informed, trauma-informed, family-centered, and uniquely tailored to support family’s culture and values.  


Your support has been instrumental in our success. Please stand with us as we embark on these transformative initiatives. Together, we can weave a world where sensory health is not just understood but embraced and prioritized. Your contribution today is a direct investment in a future where every individual, regardless of their challenges, can thrive. Please, give now, and let's continue transforming lives together. 



Virginia Spielmann, Executive Director

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Don’t forget, your contribution is eligible for a 2023 tax deduction if made by December 31st!