Life in Colorado: STAR Institute School Readiness Interview

Life in Colorado Radio Magazine Hosted by Mark Howington

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This week, Virginia Spielmann, Executive Director, and Vincentia Ferrari, Group Program Coordinator join Mark to discuss the impacts of sensory health and wellness and our School Readiness Program.

STAR’s School Readiness and Booster Program has been supporting children with classroom success for 3 years. Established to meet the needs of children who are struggling with school environments, refusing school, having difficulty with separation, independence, fatigue, and anxiety. The STAR School Readiness program takes place in a specially built classroom environment and is lead by occupational therapists with a trained interdisciplinary team. At School Readiness children ages 3-6 grow in the skills needed for classroom success and social confidence. Through routines, play, and semi-structured activities, students are equipped for a successful, confident start to their academic careers. Each School Readiness student receives individualized goals, parent collaboration, and liaison with their upcoming classroom to safeguard success. 

For more than 10 years the STAR Institute has supported children and families in Colorado with specialist help for home and school success. Based on over 40 years of research the STAR Institute’s evidence-based approach to treatment is famous around the world. The STAR method is sensory informed and transforms the lives of children and adults who have differences in the way their brains and nervous systems experience the world. 

Learn more about our school readiness and booster program. Have questions email us at or call 303-221-7827.