Sensory Stories

These stories are now available as free resources, in six languages, all beautifully illustrated, that you can download from our website and use to spread awareness in your local community. Every story is based on real-life and written to highlight the incredible importance of sensory integration and processing for health and well-being.

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We know everybody has to process sensation in order to make meaning of the world, function, and thrive. Our brains and bodies are processing sensory information all the time and as this sensory information moves through our nervous system it shapes how we feel and respond throughout the day. How we feel matters! It impacts our physical health, mental health, and general wellness. Sensory processing can influence every area of life including our preferences in diet, exercise, relationships, career, and hobbies.

As we continue to spread awareness, we want one thing to be clear - help is available! The field of sensory integration has existed for decades and is founded on research and best practice. We believe everyone should have access to high-quality support, resources, and treatment for sensory health.

A special thank you to artist and illustrator Jacinta Read who has brought to life our five very special stories.