Timely Tips - 01

A short comic describing how to use an analogue clock and a white board marker to help with time management

We have to acknowledge Cognitive Connections who taught us this strategy years ago. Their resources and website are amazing and would be a great resources for any family. 

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Text Version Below: 

Timely Tips from STAR Institute - 01

All you need for this timely tip is an office style analogue clock and a white board marker. These two items will help you manage time, support expectations, reduce anxiety, create smoother transitions between activities AND teach about the size of time.

  • Draw increments of time straight onto the clock using the minute hand markers. 45 minutes would be mapped between the 12 and the 9 by drawing two straight lines into the center and shading the inside area. Write the name of the activity inside the shaded area, perhaps electronics. Electronics for 45 minutes might be followed by a 5 minutes cool down time before lunch prep starts.
  • This strategy is best used for 60 minute increments (although we have seen people do more).
  • Coloring in the time blocks helps with the visual support and location of self in time - using the minute hand. 
  • Different colored pens are a great way to differentiate activities. 
  • You can use this strategy to map out red, green and blue activities. One example could be 20 minutes of trampoline (red) followed by cooking (green) and then outdoor play (red or green depending on the activity). Click on this link for more about red, green and blue sensory activities.
  • For a writing project you might map out 25 minutes increments of work with five minute body breaks. 
  • This is a great strategy for managing expectations around video games.
  • For those unable to access words put dots of velcro on the rim at each hour marker on the clock. Then you can use your visual schedule pictures directly on the clock to support time management skills. You should still color in the blocks of time.

Adapted from Cognitive Connections: https://efpractice.com/

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