Theory, Practice & Lived Experience

Lecture Recordings Now Available

Confirmed Speakers:

Amanda Binns MA, SLP-CCC
Speech and Language Matters

Geoff Bird, PhD
Oxford University

Kim Clairy, MOT, OTR/L
Autistic Advocate & Speaker

Gina Crites, MS MFT, OTR/L
STAR Institute

Jacquelyn Fede, PhD
University of Rhode Island, Autistic Advocate

Vincentia Ferrari, MS, OTR/L
STAR Institute

Lindsay Fogerty, MS, OTR/L
STAR Institute

Kristy Forbes
Autism & Neurodiversity Support Specialist
In Tune Pathways

Nic & Zoe King
Z.A.P. Advocacy
Autistic Self-Advocate

Anna Kraemer
BA, PhD. Candidate
Neuroclastic Advisory Board

Carol Stock Kranowitz, MA & Joye Newman, MA
Growing an In-Sync Child & The In-Sync Activity Card Book

Amy Laurent, PhD, OTR/L

Autism Level Up

Alex Mason
Grand Sensory Survey, Autistic Empire

Sarah McCulloch
MSc, Founder of Autistic Empire, Autistic Self-Advocate

Jo Minchin
National Autistic Task Force
Autistic Self-Advocate

Maura Mooneyham, MS, OTR/L
STAR Institute

Mim Ochsenbein, MSW, OTR/L
STAR Institute

Beth Pfeiffer, PhD, OTR/L
Temple University

Riah Person
Autistic Self-Advocate

Kieran Rose
The Autistic Advocate

Sarah Schoen, PhD, OTR/L
STAR Institute

Virginia Spielmann, MSOT
STAR Institute





A collegial conference with real-world application that values the voices of those with the lived experience. A truly collaborative experience between professionals and advocates.

Our goal - supporting health, well-being, and sense-of-self through an increased understanding of sensory processing and integration.

Explore dynamic evidence-based practice, delve into current research, and probe assumptions around autism. Participants will explore the profound influence sensory processing differences have on development and function, enabling them to effectively look beyond "behaviors" and identify underlying mechanisms. Strategies for home, school and the community will be provided, as will tools for advocacy.

Now available on our Online Learning Platform are the presentations from our 2020 Virtual Summit: Sensory Processing in Autism event. Purchase access to each individual presentation or as a complete collection package of 14 presentations.


Lecture Recordings Now Available



Speaker Riah Persons | Autistic Self-Advocate
Play, Stimming, and Sensory Processing - Part 1 

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agenda here

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Flaghouse Fusion Academy



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