Teens & Tweens Group

For more information or questions contact us at 303-221-STAR (7827) or groups@sensoryhealth.org

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Please be aware of our COVID-19 Guidelines and Policies.

*Funding assistance also available through Rocky Mountain Human Services and Developmental Pathways.

Critical Core Group

Critical Core Images with three characters and three scene settingsBuilding confidence and engagement one dragon at a time!

Children age 12-18 years old are invited to join our Critical Core group. Through fun and fantastical role-playing games, we will work together to defeat monsters, solve puzzles, build teamwork and develop social-emotional skills.

For more information about the Critical Core project please visit www.criticalcore.org


Sessions 1: 
July 25 - July 28 *WAITLIST ONLY*
Sessions 2: August 1 - August 4 *WAITLIST ONLY*
Monday-Thursday | 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Cost: $390 for 4 sessions or $780 for 8 sessions

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All STAR Teen Club | Social Club • Cooking • Funyellow background with 4 spoons filled with spices, a frying pan, sliced onions and other herbs, and the text "cooking"

Focuses on building positive peer-to-peer interactions and an increasing sense of self while engaging in motivating functional experiences. Themes are based on common interests to build community, teamwork, self-confidence, and flexibility in a setting that is motivating, exciting, and enjoyable. This group is for teens and tweens who have a diagnosis of Autism, ADHD, SPD, or are just shy or have difficulty connecting with their peers. Ages 13-18 years old.


In-person | June 20 - June 30
3:00 PM-5:00PM

Cost: $900 for 8 sessions


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