STAR Certification Courses

STAR Institute provides clinicians with a unique opportunity to receive ongoing continuing education leading to Certification in disordered Sensory Processing (STAR ProCert). STAR Institute's intensive training focuses on:

  • Development of advanced clinical reasoning
  • Comprehensive sensory-based assessment
  • Application of the STAR PROCESS treatment model for intervention
  • Treatment effectiveness research for disordered Sensory Processing

Our certification program consists of two levels - STAR ProCert 1 and 2. Each level consists of two courses that must be completed within 3 years.

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STAR Proficiency Certification Pathway: (Open only to OTs). Step 1: Earn STAR ProCert Level 1: Required prerequisite for the STAR ProCert 2 Pathway. Step 2: STAR Proficiency Level 2: Online only through Temple University. Open only to OTs. Step 3: STAR Institute Level 2 Mentorship: Advanced Treatment Application (in-person courses): Open only to OTs. Earn STAR ProCert Level 2: After completing Step 2, you have 3 years to complete Step 4 and earn the STAR ProCert 2 Credential!













Following completion, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion, a STAR ProCert Badge for display on their website, and a listing as an STAR ProCert professional in our treatment directory (please reach out to make this request).

STAR ProCert 1: Professional Credential in Sensory Processing

STAR Institute Level 1 Intensive Mentorship: On-site at STAR Institute, Off-Site at Partnering Organizations, or Online/In-Person Hybrid options available. Temple University Sensory Processing Disorder Level 1 Online Course

STAR Institute's Level 1 Intensive
Mentorship is a multi-day learning experience available both online and in-person. Participants learn to
apply clinical reasoning through
live or recorded treatment
observation with support of STAR faculty.

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Temple University's STAR ProCert Level 1 course is conducted online over 8 weeks.
Students apply what they've learned about the STAR Model in daily practice.

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STAR ProCert 2: Professional Credential in Sensory Processing

Temple University Sensory Processing Level 2

Temple University Sensory Processing Disorder Level 1 Online Course

Temple University's STAR ProCert Level 2 is conducted online over 6 weeks. Participants
will learn advanced clinical reasoning skills in
the STAR PROCESS Model in preparation
for intensive mentoring at STAR Institute.

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At STAR Institute's Level 2 Intensive
Mentorship, participants will work directly
with a STAR Institute client to refine their
clinical reasoning skills and engage in a
reflective learning process.

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