SPD Scientific Work Group Participants

Bauman, Margaret L., MD

Title: Professor, Director LADDERS
Department: Anatomy and Neurobiology
Institution: Harvard Medical School
Mailing Address: 65 Walnut Street, Suite 260-A, Wellesley Hills, MA 02481
Phone: (781) 449-6074

Dr. Margaret L. Bauman is a distinguished pediatric neurologist and research investigator who has been a pioneer in the study and treatment of autism for the past twenty- five years. One of the world’s foremost physicians in this field, she is highly respected for the outstanding clinical care she provides, as well as for her research and teachings in the domain of developmental disorders. Renowned for a wealth of clinical and research advances, Dr. Bauman’s dedicated career is best exemplified in her establishment and development of The Autism Research Foundation (TARF), The Autism Research Consortium (TARC), LADDERS (Learning and Developmental Disabilities and Rehabilitation Services) and The Autism Treatment Network (ATN).

Dr. Bauman began her work in earnest in the field of autism in 1980. Four years later she and her research partner, Dr. Thomas L. Kemper, opened the door to future scientific study when they were the first investigators to identify neuro-anatomical abnormalities in the limbic system and cerebellum of people with autism. Spurred by these first scientific observations that confirmed the biologic basis for autism, Dr. Margaret Bauman founded TARF in 1990. TARF is devoted to the study of the neuro-pathological basis for autism. Under her guidance, TARF has been the global leader in such research – a position that Dr. Bauman gratefully acknowledges would not be possible but for the generosity and foresight of families who have donated the brain of their deceased autistic family member to scientific study. TARF researchers are widely published and disseminate their knowledge pertaining to the pathology of the brain in autism, behavioral disorders, and the relationship between autism and memory to colleagues and the general public via their writings and lectures throughout the world.

In 1996, continuing her leadership role in autism research, Dr. Bauman founded The Autism Research Consortium. She invited a small group of elite investigators – some who were directly involved in autism research, others who worked in related fields – to come together to form a “think tank” to determine the most fruitful course for future studies. TARC is a venue that provides a multidisciplinary, integrated approach to optimize the scientific use of the valuable and limited brain tissue available for the study of autism.