Level 2 Intensive Mentorship Program

2024 Dates TBA

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STAR Proficiency Certification

Completion of a Level 2 Mentorship Program allows participants the option to obtain STAR Proficiency Certification Level 2.

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L2 Mentorship


The Level 2 Mentorship Program, Advanced Treatment, is conducted over 5 days on-site at STAR Institute in Centennial, Colorado.

Program Outline:

Level 2 Mentorship participants must be an occupational therapist and may be selected to work with STAR Institute clients and their families, which includes leading treatment sessions each day with the support of expert-level STAR Institute faculty. Extensive opportunity for reflection and collaboration with other mentees is included.

The primary objective of STAR Institute's Level 2 Mentorship: Advanced Treatment is to develop, deepen, and apply clinical reasoning in action as first introduced in STAR Proficiency Level 2. This course will have participants deconstructing and then re-constructing therapeutic use of self in the context of a sensory-regulation-relationship based  framework. Participants will engage in self-study reading, shared discussion questions, self-reflection/embodiment exercises, clinical supervision, and group reflection focused on treatment observation. Following the in-person group work, participants will apply concepts to their own caseload and bring findings to lead a group discussion.

Mentees will observe live daily treatment sessions and engage in group observation, inquiry, problem-solving, and treatment planning. In addition, mentees will participate in individual guided clinical- and self-written reflection activities. Learning activities will focus on deepening mentees’ understanding and application of concepts covered in earlier STAR Proficiency courses (clinical observation, attunement, follow-up questions, reflection-on-action, and reflection-in-action).

Following the in-person portion of the course, mentees will apply knowledge to their own practice through a process of guided observation and self-reflection. During these 4 weeks, mentees will video record at least 4 treatment sessions with a client (same client for all sessions) and complete written reflections with guided prompts. Mentees will use these recorded sessions to create a 3-5 minute video compilation of their application of live-course content and progression with the client. This video compilation along with reflections will be presented to the group during the mandatory online discussion group.

Learning Objectives:

  • Integrate professional reasoning with sensory-relationship-regulation framework and apply in direct treatment planning and intervention
  • Engage in guided reflection to develop and foster therapeutic use of self with clients and families
  • Using constructivist learning theory, develop and integrate understanding of body-based experiences and apply to treatment planning and intervention for clients
  • Develop the ability to reflect in action, applying a dynamic cycle of attunement<>reflection<>response<>attunement during therapeutic client interactions.
  • Create a treatment video compilation and guide group clinical reflection of learned and applied constructs

Who Should Attend

This course is only open to licensed and practicing Occupational Therapists who hold a STAR ProCert 1 credential and who have completed Temple University's STAR ProCert Level 2 online course, Advanced Reflective Practice for Treatment of Sensory Processing Disorder.

Program Cost

The cost for Level 2 Mentorship (five-day program) is $1,999, including a $399 deposit upon application.


View a list of local hotels & suites where we have arranged special pricing for STAR Institute Mentees.

Application Process

Applicants must hold a STAR ProCert 1 credential and have completed Temple University's STAR ProCert Level 2 course, Advanced Reflective Practice for Treatment of Sensory Processing Disorder.

Complete your application online, attach a copy of your current curriculum vitae or resume, and submit the $399 deposit. We will notify you by email within 5 business days regarding your acceptance into the program. Participant selection will be based on priority of applications received and previous work/educational experience. If you are not selected to participate in the mentorship program at this time, your initial $399 deposit will be refunded to you in full. Once accepted into the mentorship program, the $399 deposit becomes non-refundable.

Since a limited number of candidates will be accepted per session, our selection process is quite stringent. We do this to ensure the best possible pairing of mentees and skill sets and to establish a setting conducive to learning in this intensive program format.

Attendance Requirements

No more than TWO mentees will be selected to work directly with a STAR Institute client and their family, which includes leading treatment sessions each day with the support of expert-level STAR Institute faculty. This will be determined within two weeks of the start of the program.

In addition:

  • Participants should be prepared to actively participate in discussions and group reflection
  • Each night, participants will complete written reflections on the daily treatment session and their own experiences during the mentorship process
  • Participants will write and receive feedback on daily treatment notes
  • The group will work together to create home or school recommendations using A SECRET

Participants are also asked to bring a laptop computer to access the readings and review videos as homework to discuss each day. Note: you will need to have a movie making program installed on your laptop or desktop computer (iMovie for Mac, Windows Media Player or Windows Movie Maker for PC) that you are familiar with and comfortable using in order to create your 3 to 5-minute video compilation of your progression over the 4 weeks.

Participants must stay for the entire duration of the program during all 5 days. 1-2 hours of homework per night of mentorship will also be required. This will include video review and analysis, treatment note writing and/or other activities as determined by your Mentor.


Program Faculty

Credentialing and Continuing Education





All participants receive an Advanced Mentored Clinician Level 2 and attendance certificate upon completion. Participants who attended Temple University's STAR ProCert Level 2 online course within the past 3 years are also conferred the STAR ProCert 2 credential upon completion.