Integrated Listening Therapy

Listening Therapy Worked For Us


We use Integrated Listening Systems (iLs) Therapy to improve children’s auditory processing abilities. We evaluate auditory processing abilities using the SCAN-3 and the Test of Auditory Processing with children over the age of 5. Some children receive iLs during Occupational Therapy, but not every child is appropriate for iLs. For some children we recommend iLs as a home program. At times we will recommend iLs simultaneously with OT or Speech Language Therapy if we feel that simultaneous listening and OT or SLP is the most efficient method of providing sensory input to optimize listening function.

iLs therapy at STAR Institute builds upon the psychoacoustic techniques developed by Alfred Tomatis, M.D., in Europe and refined by Integrated Listening Systems. The goal of iLs therapy is to improve the neurophysiological foundation for integrating sensory input by using specific sound frequencies, vibrations and patterns to stimulate the brain.

Listening therapy, like occupational therapy, is based on the theory of neuroplasticity, which refers to brain changes that can occur. iLs therapy, when not combined with OT, takes place in a small individual therapy room with pleasant lighting and décor that produce a calm, peaceful environment. During therapy, specific sound and vibration frequencies and patterns are delivered through specially designed headphones. When clients are treated with iLs therapy only, they engage in creative projects supplied by STAR Institute or bring their own pet projects or activities such as knitting, reading, scrapbooking, or simply relax in a comfortable chair while listening to high quality productions of Mozart and other classics which have been digitally manipulated to enhance certain sound frequencies.

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