Home & School Services

Bring Your OT To School

Home and school consultations are available through the STAR Institute Treatment Center. We provide these consultation services that enable your occupational therapist or speech and language therapist to observe your child in their home or school environment and consult on issues related to maximizing function in those environments. Parents, classroom teachers and other caregivers can gain a better understanding of how to enable your child to function well at school, at home, and in the community. Supports and alternatives can be developed for challenged areas.

During a home consultation, we work with you to develop therapeutic activities and environmental adaptations that will provide increased support for your child at home. For example, we may offer strategies for problematic mealtimes or ideas for creating an in-home sensory playroom.

Before going to a school, your teacher or therapist at school will be called. Procedures will be clarified so that everyone is on the same page. We believe that a good relationship is the foundation of a successful consultation. Just as we work to develop a relationship with your child, we also develop a relationship with the people at your school. During a school consultation, the therapist collaborates with teachers or school therapists to explore opportunities for classroom adaptations and sensory activities throughout the day. Supportive strategies such as visual schedules, reward systems, and social stories are offered to address your child’s classroom needs.

Home and School Consultations can be scheduled once or for multiple visits as needed by your child. If you are at STAR Institute from out of town we can schedule a phone or Skype consultation if you wish.