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Account Management

I got an email about a new online course/event coming up. Do I need to create an account to purchase it?

If you received an email from us about a new event or online course, you have likely already created an account with us and should not create a new one. Please use the password reset to create a new password for login. If you do not remember your username/email, please email the Education Department so we can recover your account information. We may ask for some identifying information, such as your name, street address, or other email address to confirm account ownership.

I sent a password reset request but I’m not getting the email to do it. What do I do?

Please check your junk/spam folder. If you did not receive your password reset request email, please email the Education Department directly so we can reset your password manually.

How do I change my password or contact information?

Visit your Edit Profile page. 


What is a Subscription?

A subscription to SPD University grants unlimited access to most courses in the SPD University course library at no additional cost. Please visit the subscription page for more details about subscription types.

What courses aren't included in a Subscription?

  • Monthly webinars until one year after their live release
  • M-FUN training
  • GOAL training
  • International Symposium Video Ticket
  • Level 1 Mentorship online content
  • School-based Intensive Course online content

Is the content any different between a Parent/Individual Subscription and an Professional Subscription?

The content for Parents/Individuals and Professionals is the same. The difference is that Professionals earn AOTA CEUs and receive Certificates of Completion and Parents/Individuals do not.

I'm a Professional outside of the United States. Which subscription should I purchase?

If you do not benefit from AOTA CEUs, you may subscribe as a "Parent/Individual" rather than a "Professional." However, if you require Certificates of Completion for courses you will need to subscriber as a "Professional."

Why did my course expire if I have unlimited access?

Unfortunately, the system requires us to set an expiration date. Your access for each individual course is typically 45 days from when you first choose to "Launch." Other longer courses or course packages often have a longer period of access. 

If you are a subscriber and have an expired course, please email the Education Department with the course name and we will reinstate your access.

Payments and Invoices

How do I pay for my event/course registration with a credit card?

Visit your Payments/Invoices page. Check the box of the invoice you wish to pay, then click the “Pay Selected Invoices” button. If, for any reason, this method is not working for you, please give us a call and we can process payment over the phone.

I opted to pay for my event/course registration by check. Where do I send my payment?

Please make your check payable to “STAR Institute” and mail to:

            STAR Institute
            6911 S. Yosemite St.
            Centennial, CO 80112

My employer is paying for my event/course registration. How can I register and get an invoice to submit for payment?

Complete your registration for the event/course and select the option to pay by check upon checkout. Visit your Payments/Invoices page to download a copy of your invoice to submit to your employer. You may also click “Pay This Invoice,” copy the URL, and send it to your employer so they may pay online with a credit card. This also applies to purchase order requests. 

How can I get a copy of my invoice?

Visit your Payments/Invoices page. If you don’t see the invoice you’re looking for, click on the “filter by status” box. Select “any status” to list all invoices. Click the first button to the right of the checkbox to view and/or print the invoice.

My payment was declined. What do I do?

We are unable to help resolve issues related to payments declined by our merchant services. Please contact your bank/credit card company to find out the reason for the decline. You may use a different credit card for your purchase or re-enter your credit card details once the issue has been resolved by your bank or credit card company.

I need to cancel my event/course registration. Can I get a refund?

If you are canceling your attendance at an event, please check the event registration page to see the cancellation and refund policy. If you are canceling your access to a course, we can only offer a refund if you have not launched the course. If you have not launched it and want to cancel your access, please contact the Education Department with the details.

Online Courses and Webinars

How do I purchase an online course?

You can either click the “Buy Now” button on the course information webpage or purchase the course through the Course Catalog on SPD University. Please ensure that you are signed into your member account if you purchase through the “Buy Now” button so that you get accurate pricing and the course is assigned to your SPD University account.

How do I find a course in the Course Catalog?

If the course starts with a 4-digit course number on the course information webpage, please search for the course using this number in the Search field. Alternatively, you may enter part or all of the course title enclosed in quotation marks (“A Parent’s Guide”, for example) or navigate through the pages of the catalog using the forward and back buttons at the bottom of the page. The search function in this platform isn’t great, but using course numbers and quotation marks is the best way to narrow your search results.

How do I use the categories at the top/side of the Course Catalog?

The category links combine to make an exclusionary search. To find a course of interest, first select the age/developmental stage of interest, then the course complexity level, then any topics of interest. Please bear in mind that selecting more than one age/developmental stage or course complexity will return few or no results. You may, however, select more than one topic. However, only courses that contain ALL topics selected will be returned.

How are the course complexities decided? What does foundational, intermediate, and advanced mean?

Foundational courses are those that assume a basic understanding of Sensory Processing Disorder, typically do not have prerequisites, and are accessible to professionals, students, parents, and individuals living with SPD. 

Intermediate courses are those that assume a more in-depth understanding of Sensory Processing Disorder and related conditions, may or may not have prerequisites, and are accessible to professionals and students, parents, and individuals who have already undertaken foundational courses.

Advanced courses are those that assume a professional or near-professional understanding of Sensory Processing Disorder and related conditions, frequently have prerequisites, and are accessible to SPD-trained professionals and students, parents, and individuals with extensive previous education in SPD.

Where do I find courses that I've bought?

Visit your My Courses page.

What if the course I bought isn't appearing in My Courses?

Please contact the Education Department. Your payment may have been declined, you may have purchased the course without being logged in, or there could have been a back-end glitch that we need to troubleshoot.

Do I have to complete the course the day it "goes live"? Will it remain online after that?

New online courses will remain in the SPD University library. You may purchase online courses at any time and “Launch” at your convenience. All courses will remain available for purchase indefinitely unless otherwise stated.

How long do I have to finish an online course?

Most courses have a 45-day expiry. Longer courses and course packages may have an extended access period to allow more time for completion.

Does the countdown to expiry start the day I purchase the online course?

No, the countdown to expiry does not start until you officially start the course in SPD University by clicking the “Launch” button. If you purchase the course and aren’t sure if you can commit to completing it within the allotted timeframe, please avoid launching the course until you are ready. The course will remain in your “My Courses” tab until you decide to launch it

Can I continually access the online course content during the timeframe allotted, or do I only get to access it once?

Once Launched, you can access all course materials as often as you like during the allotted timeframe. You are free to stop, start, and rewind course video(s) as frequently as you like. However, if you do not finish the course within the allotted timeframe, you may need to purchase it again to complete it.

Can I stop and start the course, or do I need to complete it in one sitting?

You are free to stop and start as much as you like during the allotted timeframe. However, if you do not finish within the allotted timeframe, you may need to purchase the course again to complete it.

What if a major life event keeps me from completing the course in the allotted timeframe?

Please contact the Education Department and we can reinstate your access to the course.

Can I retake the CEU Quiz? How many times can I retake it?

You may retake the CEU Quiz as many times as needed in order to achieve 80% accuracy and receive your Certificate of Completion. (NOTE: Courses purchased as a Parent/Individual DO NOT include a CEU Quiz or Certificate of Completion).

How do I get a Certificate of Completion when I finish an online course?

All Professional courses include a CEU Quiz within the course package. After Launching the course, click the link to the Quiz in the sidebar. Once the CEU Quiz has been completed and passed with at least 80% accuracy, a link called “Certificate” will appear next to the Launch button in “My Courses.” (NOTE: Courses purchased as a Parent/Individual DO NOT include a CEU Quiz or Certificate of Completion).

If a friend or colleague and I take the course together, will both of us get Certificates of Completion?

Only one Certificate of Completion will be issued per course. You are welcome to view course content with others, but only the person whose name is associated with the registration will be able to receive credit for the course.

What's the difference between an Online Course and a Webinar?

An online course includes a pre-recorded video presentation and content that is purchased as a package to be completed at the learner’s pace. A webinar is a live video session that is most always recorded and available for later access. Webinars are not designed to be completed at the learner’s pace but rather are presented in an interactive format where participants can ask questions and engage in the session in real-time.

Advanced SOS Course Access

How do I get access to purchase the Advanced SOS Courses?

After October 5, 2019 SOS Approach to Feeding Advanced courses will no longer be sold through SPD University. Please visit or contact the SOS Approach to Feeding Team directly for information on purchasing the newly released Advanced SOS Courses.