Creating Successful Food Experiences

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*Funding assistance available through Developmental Pathways and Rocky Mountain Human Services*

Did you know that eating requires us to use all eight of our senses?

For children with feeding or sensory challenges, this can make mealtimes feel especially tricky. Cooking and other fun food activities can be a wonderful opportunity to learn about new foods in an engaging environment while spending time with parents and/or peers. Often when children have the opportunity to learn and cook their own foods, it can make it feel a little less scary to interact with and try them too! Our food and cooking clubs encourage socialization between peers and will support those who may have feeding or sensory challenges. Children of all ability levels are encouraged to join us as we have fun together in the kitchen!

All groups will be taught by STAR Institute therapists who are trained in the SOS Approach to Feeding and who love FOOD! Picky/selective eaters are encouraged and welcome to join! Not sure if your child qualifies as a picky eater? Check out this Red Flags Checklist. We will help meet the sensory needs of all children in class and be aware of any food sensitivities or allergies.

Snack and Play Program | In-person | For Ages 2-7

Groups are arranged for children as young as 2 years and as old as 7 years and are organized based on therapy needs.

Cost: $2500 for 24 sessions* (12 Snack & Play sessions & 12 Parent Education sessions)

Snack and Play program brings together children ages 2-7 to a fun and social environment to work on creating positive food experiences while they develop and expand various sensory capacities and food skills. This 12-week program is designed for children who have challenges around mealtimes and eating.  The group lays foundations for feeding that will support children in feeling comfortable at the table and more willing to explore a variety of foods. By learning a new routine and structure around foods, by practicing eating with peers, and by learning about foods through play, children will build their capacity for social eating in daycares, schools, and other peer environments.

Lead by STAR therapists, sessions begin with sensory motor warm-ups to get their bodies and brains moving. The group then engages in play-based learning at the table. Food is provided by STAR and selected each session based on the play themes, goals, and sensory/oral motor needs of the children. Our Snack and Play program is a great way for kids to make connections and learn from peers. Parents benefit from 12 tailored educational sessions while being able to watch their kids from behind a two-way mirror.  

Is your child a fit for Snack & Play? Any child can come and have fun with us, but we also support picky eaters & problem feeders.

We can support your child if he/she:

  • Is a very selective eater
  • Has to have foods “just right”
  • Won’t try new foods
  • Resists meal times
  • Has a history of feeding challenges, that may include:
    • NG or G-tube
    • Difficulty breast or bottle feeding
    • Low/slow weight gain
  • Seems scared of new foods
  • Grazes all day instead of eating meals

*Funding assistance available through Developmental Pathways - limited spaces available, funding not guaranteed, and must be eligible for the program. Contact STAR therapist Rachel Balderrama at for additional information or questions.