Summer 2022

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$960 for 10 sessions

*Funding assistance through Developmental Pathways and Rocky Mountain Human Services available


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Communicating, Relationship-building, Exploring sensation, Working together

The STAR CREW Program builds social pragmatic cognition and awareness, social problem-solving, and interactive play for children ages 3 years and up.

  • Expands non-verbal and verbal social language tools
  • Increases ability to initiate social interaction with peers
  • Provides safe and supportive experiences of social success and friendship building  
  • Let's children experience social awareness, compassion and social problem solving
  • Allows expansion of ability to self-regulate during play

CREW is organized around games and play while meeting a child’s individual sensory needs. The program is geared for verbal children that have basic peer awareness and would benefit from therapeutic activities to build friendship making skills. These positive experiences are foundational building blocks for a child’s social development.

Individual and group therapy can be concurrent. Small groups are a perfect transition for children who have completed individual therapy, but are not yet ready to take on the YMCA! Children who have traveled to STAR Institute from afar may also wish to participate in groups if our groups that are scheduled are appropriate for the particular individual. Individual Therapy during either the morning or afternoon and Group Therapy during the other part of the day can sometimes be arranged, depending on the groups that are currently in process.

We plan our groups around the children and their interests. We find a set of children with similar needs and if timing permits we group the children together to provide socially appropriate groups.

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