The Inside of Autism

A training program for everyone, designed by Autistic people. Delivered by Kieran Rose. "This training will change the way you think about Autism."

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Cost: $99
No CEU option.

This includes 12 months access to all course readings, resources, and live-streamed Q&A sessions.

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STAR Institute is delighted to host the first ever "Inside of Autism" in the North American time zone. 

The Inside of Autism is a seven week course written and taught by Kieran Rose, writer, speaker, and educator; otherwise known as the Autistic Advocate.

"Most Autism training is stereotypical, wrapped up in non-Autistic behavioral-based perspectives and incredibly deficit focused. It doesn't have any meaning.

The Inside of Autism strips back stereotypes, provides insight from multiple Autistic perspectives, and is grounded in up-to-date research. This course shifts the narrative from a centered non-Autistic viewpoint to an Autistic one."

The STAR Institute Inside of Autism course will be available starting February 1st, 2023. Attendees will receive one year on-demand access to the course content. The six lesson-style sessions outlined below are pre-recorded. You will also receive access to three live 2-hour Q&A sessions with Kieran. These are scheduled to take place as you progress through the course material.

This course is for parents, professionals, educators, caregivers, siblings, medical and healthcare providers, and autists. In other words - every one will benefit from attending. It is relevant throughout the lifespan and for any human who knows anyone autistic. It is relevant for all autism presentations regardless of language, level of need, or ‘severity’.

$99 US only for all this. No CEUs will be offered.

**Attendees must reside outside the United Kingdom / EU. 

Attendees of the STAR Institute hosted 'The Inside of Autism' course will also get access to three live question and answer events with Kieran Rose. Virginia Spielmann will join the final Q&A.

The 7 Week Schedule

The Inside of Autism is a six week program.

Also included are two standard Q&A sessions and a bonus 7th week of your questions and Kieran's answers.

This is what will be covered in 2023 (subject to change).

A picture outlining the course content for Sessions 1, 2, and 3.

Brief outlines of course content for sessions 4, 5, and 6.